The Best Online Games

There is a lot of free online games to be found all over the internet. You can play fantastic 3D space combat simulators, you can build and rule your own civilization and you can even become a creature and battle other players in real-time. But which games should you choose? Here is a list of the best online games currently available at situs judi online bandarqq.

Merchant EmpiresĀ – Learn trading techniques from some of the best traders in history as you travel back through time to relive their lives! In this simulation game, your goal is to take control of one common item traded throughout history and use it as leverage to control the marketplace before expanding into other commodities such as spices, gems, or even! It’s not easy being a merchant power in history, but you can relive the lives of these individual merchants and learn from their mistakes to become an even greater trader than them all.

Starcraft 2 – Now the best-selling sequel of all time, Starcraft 2 has redefined real-time strategy games for a new generation. The epic story campaign follows three completely different races as they battle it out for control over the galaxy while multiplayer provides intense real-time action between two opponents with hundreds of units battling it out simultaneously. StarCraft is considered by many to be one of the greatest eSports titles ever made and that isn’t surprising when you consider the game’s fantastic visuals, intense gameplay, and brilliant matchmaking system. There are even entire leagues dedicated to competitive play!

The Guild 2 – A great hit with players who enjoy medieval life simulations, The Guild 2 allows you to create your very own guild and take it through the ages. You have to manage skills, properties, relations with other guilds, and even manage internal politics! But one of the best features is the freedom given by non-linear gameplay that gives you multiple paths to explore including business management or just living a peaceful life in the country away from danger. There are also tools available online that allow players to design their own quests allowing for massive player customization on top of the already massive content available on release.