The Convenience of a Portable Solid State Drive

There has been an increase in portable solid drives because they are fast, durable, lighter and small. The technological advancements will probably cause the portable SSD to increase capacity but reduce size.

Size and weight

Weight and physical size differentiate portable SSDs from other portable hard disks. A typical external SSD weighs just 1.8 ounces and measures about four inches long compared to a portable HDD, which is almost eight ounces and more than five inches long. It also makes moving and transferring it easier fitting comfortably into your pocket or bag without being cumbersome. It is also easy to plug into your computer with its light design.


For durability reasons, portable SSDs do not have moving parts like hard disks do, thus making them shock-resistant as well as durable. Even if you drop them from six feet above on a concrete floor, they will still be intact because there is nothing to break apart inside that box except for some small pieces that their glue will retain. Thus, rotating glass disks’ portable hard disk drives tend to become irreparable once they fall somewhere, although there are chances that this will not happen to SSDs.

Cool and calm

Portable ssd singapore is quiet and calm because they don’t require fan motors or spinning drives. On the other hand, hard drives require disk spinners and motors that generate sound and heat when processing information. When these fans run, they produce an auditory white noise that irritates them. In addition, there is no external heat source for SSD drives, so you will never hear any sound from them.

Faster loading and loading times

It is one reason why SSDs are highly sought after; their access speeds are phenomenal, enabling them to boot computers faster and launch programs more quickly.Besides, games or applications take just a fraction of a second to respond after being launched. However, a typical hard drive may take over a minute to boot up while launching games/applications, which usually has some delay times in this case.


The ultra-compact and sleek design of portable SSDs makes them more convenient for daily use than larger cars. Premium portable SSDs are housed in durable metal unibody enclosures made from single metal sheets. In return, they acquire firm, thin and contemporary profiles less than half an inch thick. Portable hard drives cannot be as thin due to their larger size.


Portable SDDs were designed with energy efficiency in mind, so their power consumption is lower than that of ordinary hard disks.  In fact, at maximal workloads, an approximately four times lesser amount of electrical charge goes through an average solid-state drive than its hard disk counterpart.