Use Electronic Lock Singapore: Sheer Safety And Ease

Velbert, Kaadas was born in Germany. The business has been devoted to the lock industry for over 30 years and is recognized as the top luxury smart digital locks producer. Kaadas has grown its global footprint to more than 67 nations after serving more than 6 million homeowners. The business has excellent expertise in product research, development, and production and delivers goods that meet the highest quality requirements thanks to a fully integrated internal supply chain. That is the quality of the electronic lock singapore.


Encapsulate The Soul of the European Luxury Car

Since collaborating with European luxury cars, Kaadas, the only digital lock brand in the world, has come to represent the pinnacle of high quality—exact, fashionable, dependable, and secure.

Exclusive Collaboration with Lamborghini Kaadas is the first digital lock in the world to have the Lamborghini design. This electronic lock in Singapore advances each digital lock concept with a contemporary minimalist appearance. The Legend, a fantastic model that was revolutionary in its day, is a showcase for both companies’ engineering prowess and design talent.

Research Infrastructure

Kaadas has a total of 5 state-of-the-art research centers located all over the world, including Germany and China. A world-class research and design team supports these facilities. Kaadas keeps pushing innovation by creating goods that make consumers’ daily lives convenient, intelligent, and secure.

Electronic lock singaporeTypes of locks available

Wi-Fi Locks– The demand for connectivity is greater than ever, thanks to the proliferation of smart gadgets and smart homes. One of the most valuable characteristics of modern smartphones is the ability to integrate intelligent applications, which increases the device’s functionality. Digital locks are the wise choice for home security when securing your house. Digital locks now include WiFi networking capabilities in addition to their sophisticated technological features, enabling homeowners to connect them with their mobile devices for a more practical approach to monitoring their houses.

Face Recognition Lock– You may now enjoy the comfort of unlocking a door using facial recognition in your home—it’s no longer just a scene from a movie! Introducing the first-ever face-recognition door lock from Kaadas, allowing door access via facial recognition. Thanks to this technology, you can now enter your house in a secure and frictionless manner.

Fingerprint Lock – With the addition of Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) biometric sensors, which let users add fingerprints to manage who is allowed to enter and exit the building, Kaadas digital smart locks stand apart from the competition. This biometric breakthrough adds a degree of security mostly missing from conventional keyhole door systems.

Push-pull Lock – A push-pull lock allows the door to be unlocked by pushing or pulling, as the name implies. As a result, you may now quickly open and close your door without fiddling with door handles or knobs.


This wide variety of locks which are technically rich and electronically charged, offers a wide variety of benefits, with the primary being safety and ease at its peak.