Wear Elegance and Perfection With The Tudor Watch Singapore

A mobile phone might have a clock on it, and it may be smart enough to keep you updated with the world clock, but it feels right when looking at your watch to see the time. When this simple wristwatch blends with sleek design, precision, elegance, and a few other time-associated function, it truly becomes a masterpiece. These masterpieces are designed and developed with ultimate precision by Tudor. tudor watch singapore, is brought to you by Kee Hing Hung, an official retail store of Tudor Watches in Singapore. If you are passionate about these paragons, visit the store today!

Watches that stand true to their signature tag 

The motto of Tudor says #BornToDare, and it is obvious that the company follows this with all its heart. Tudor is a sister company to Rolex, launched by the same person, to sell watches that meet high-quality standards and the same fidelity tiers as those of Rolex. It is because of the hard work that the company puts into making each watch that it bagged many awards. The flagship watches by Tudor are:

  • Black Bay
  • Pelagos
  • Glamour
  • Tudor 1926

Review - Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono M79350 (Specs & Price)

International Guarantee Plan 

The company makes sure that there is strict checking and testing of parts of the watch before they are assembled, and then there is complete trial and testing of the watch. The company never slacks off. But still, the company has implied an extended guarantee plan on the watches bought from 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2019. This is 18 months, which is added to the original guarantee period of 3 years and six months.

The legacy of the watches 

The company believes in carrying out the legacy that has been built and followed till now, and it has yet to make plans to change it anytime soon. The company believes in classic, which is what the customer believes in. Some companies owe to the changes coming in the modern world and follow what is in trend for people these days, but this is an idea that the company rejects. The company holds to the concept that the designs and precision used in the making of the watched till should be carried forward in the same manner.

Check out the stores 

While you can see the watches on the company’s website, the experience of looking at the store collection by yourself is incomparable. You can touch it, and you can feel the make of the watch and the power it holds. The experts in the store will let you know all the information about the watches you want to buy. Visit the store and check out the incredible collection there!