Know more information about mammogram:

A mammogram is an investigation for the diagnosis of the breast cancer. Women above the age of forty five have higher risk of getting the breast cancer. Doctors tell many women to get the check up done at regular intervals. The breast cancer will barely have no symptoms until it gets worse. This is the reason for every women to keep an eye on it. You have to spend time every year and get a mammogram. This will make you to have an early diagnosis in case you have breast cancer in early stages. Many women neglect it and watch a doctor when a feel something lump in their breasts. When the lump is clearly visible outside, there is more chance of having the cancer in the more complicated stage. We can rarely save the women at such stages.

So, it is very crucial for every women to get a mammogram every year. The mammograms in Verno can be done at any time. A mammogram is a type of investigation among many different types of breast cancer investigations. Mammogram is the most basic type of investigation and is very affordable for everyone. A mammogram is basically a X ray image of your breast. The mammograms are used by the doctor for the early and initial stages diagnosis of the breast cancer. Regular mammograms at certain intervals can give the diagnosis of the breast cancer which can be evident as clinical manifestations of about three years.

The mammogram is a simple process and it hardly takes five minutes of your time. You have to stand facing the X ray machine. The X ray machine is specially designed for taking the mammogram. The person or a doctor taking the mammogram will guide you to place your breast on the plastic plate near the X ray machine. The other plastic plate present above your breast will press your breast firmly. These two plates will try to flatten your breast. Meanwhile the X ray machine will pass the X ray beam into the breast. In the same way, the image of other side breast is also taken. The technician can check the images of the X ray and can ask for re taking it again if any fault done. There many be overlapping, distortion, blurring of the image in some cases.


The best X ray or mammogram can provide you the required diagnosis.