Carpets are less likely to be soaked when cleaned with steam cleaners.

You should vacuum your carpets as often as possible before cleaning to remove as much loose dry dirt as possible so it does not get embedded in the carpet fibers during cleaning. Vacuum in directions to fluff up the carpet fibers and remove as much debris as possible. Walk or crawl around the carpeted area, searching for stains. Determine what caused the stains and use the cleaning method most suitable for those stains.

Depending on the stain, you should treat it as soon as possible after it occurs. Even if the stain originated some time ago, it is still recommended to be removed as soon as possible. Immediately pour a large amount of salt on the spill to absorb it before it penetrates the carpet fibers, whether it’s wine or dark or purple juice. In addition to leaving a permanent odor, pet stains can also damage your carpet. A pet odor enzyme cleaner can be used to remove pet stains.

As soon as possible, sprinkle salt on spilled Kool-aid to absorb the liquid before it reaches the carpet fibers. If it’s dry Kool-Aid, mix a little dish detergent with warm water and pour it on a white cloth to clean it. To remove the Kool-aid from your carpet, dab the cloth over it.

The home cleaning aisle of your grocery store will have a variety of carpet cleaners you can use to clean your carpet. If you are using a spray-on carpet cleaner, follow the installation instructions on the container for the best results.