The importance of using substrate in the aquarium

Using aquarium gravel makes it more attractive to have sizes and colors, from sand and tiny pebbles to more enormous river rocks. But it will give you some importance other than decoration. In some situations, using anĀ aquarium plant soil substrate can be desirable.

Fish habitat

The substrate makes a suitable habitat for your fish. It will give the fish a place to hide and enrichment for fishes that prefer to forage through the substrate for food. It helps to lessen the reflections within the tank that can stress the fish. Using substrate can be used to enhance the chemistry of the water. When your fish need hard water, limestone gravel or coral will help you to get the proper hardness and alkalinity levels. It can give a safe home for fish eggs where bigger sizes allow eggs to be out of reach for hungry fish.

Biological filtration

The necessary function of aquarium gravel gives a home for a good bacteria that offers biological filtration. The bacteria can live without a comfortable gravel bed. But without the added surface place gravel gives, they will not grow right quantities to keep the water safe for your fish. It will change the water often to prevent harmful waste from accumulating when left with bare bottom. However, when the aquarium is stocked with fish, changing the water will only be enough to keep ammonia and nitrite low with a suitable substrate. It will help house the bacteria that give biological filtration.

Good for live plants

aquarium carpet plants

When you have live plants, a substrate is necessary, and it will keep your plants alive. The suitable substrate in planted tanks will keep your plant’s roots well and meet their nutritional needs. Vermiculite and laterite are the usual substrates used in planted aquariums. Some aquarium plants with root systems need depth to the substrate for managing your aquarium.

Pleasing appeal

It is known that you will not see the microscopic ways it will give to your fish, but it will improve the aquarium’s appeal. Besides adding a design feature to the tank, different materials will float through the water. Hiding unwanted materials, it will show off that you like to see which is the fish. Other than looking for fun, the substrate in a contrasting color allows you to show any health problems or add behavior to your fish.

Substrate Sources

The best thing you use is made from freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Besides getting a substrate you found in nature, it will bring parasites or organisms. Painted-colored gravel can help filler the water where you must secure it is non-toxic to fish.

Not only are aquarium plants made naturally for freshwater fish, but they will help to manage water quality inside aquariums. Plants need nutrients to grow and thrive, as many species need soil.