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It needs to be remembered that there may be hundreds or thousands of homebuyers involved in a purchase of a property. The rights of all additional Homebuyers or suppliers may be jeopardized if a solitary Homebuyer is permitted to file for bankruptcy protection against the developers of the property in the capacity of a credit institution. Consequently, a minimum restriction for Homebuyers for the beginning of the insolvency resolution process under the Code was recommended in done to avoid individual Homebuyers from starting the corporate insolvency resolution process.


The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Act, 2020 (“2020 Amendment Act”) established a cutoff point requirement for homebuyers, that stipulates that at least 100 homeowners must file a financial distress implementation against the residential property developer, or 10% of all homeowners within the same project, whichever one is lower.

Homeowners are starting foreclosure proceeding based on the previously specified threshold and then later abandoning them after reaching a resolution the with property investment company’s sponsors, which is a problem that has recently come to light. This could put the property developer under excessive strain and endanger the security of many other stakeholders who are opposed to such bankruptcy law.

This examines the effects of adding householders to the list of debt holders covered by the Code based on the aforementioned background and considers if this should be altered.

The justification for adding buyers to the list of commercial debtors covered either by Code


Any implementation submitted by House buyers underneath the Code to save a businessman is a night before going to bed existing compliance to the inefficiencies that have deeply permeated the bankruptcy law mediation process, which for most case scenarios will adversely affect all of the major stakeholders in the piece of real estate, particularly the Homebuyers. The Bondholders’ filing of insolvency resolution process against a developer of housing would indeed be disadvantageous to both (a) the developers of homes because financial institutions would perhaps restrict access to funds, which could harm other developments and consequence in cash flow problems that cause a denatured alcohol property developer to become completely bankrupt, and (b) the Homeowners because they might face financial hardships. For more information click https://www.jithomebuyers.com/.